Forum Innovation 2022

Varjo Reality Cloud

A reality-based metaverse

Where? Finland

Varjo presents itself as a “metaverse based on reality”. Varjo is a Finnish manufacturer of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality headsets. Founded in 2016 by former Nokia and Microsoft executives, Varjo makes high-resolution devices that, it claims, offer clarity comparable to the human eye. Varjo Reality Cloud is "Virtual teleportation" or at least shared virtual reality. It lets one person scan a 3D space and another person experience it at almost the same time. Varjo Reality Cloud shares the details of a room in photorealistic detail, showing someone remotely located a view of the same room in near-real time.​ ​
Real-time shared virtual reality approaches the feelings and conditions of real life, boosting performance in gaming but also learning and the workplace. The possibility of sharing the same physical space remotely means VR no longer cuts off users from other people or the physical world. Companies such as Boeing,