Forum Innovation 2022


NFT that cleans the sea

Where? France, Tanzania, Tunisia

A project that aims to clean the oceans through the aquaculture of sea sponges. A sea sponge has the capacity to filter out microplastics, heavy metals and other pollutants from thousands of liters of seawater per day. By farming sponges at scale, Aquaverse helps to both clean up the marine environment and produce eco-friendly raw materials for cosmetics, textiles or tampons. ​ Aquaverse relies on a blockchain to fund the project, ensure traceability as well as share governance and revenue from sea sponge aquaculture with every member. Funding is through $EGLD, a carbon-negative crypto currency. The idea is to sell NFTs of a set of randomly generated “Guardians” to finance and share earnings from sponge farms, starting in Tanzania and Tunisia. The initial set of NFTs sold out in February 2022.