DataReady Learning Show

Accelerate Data Transformation

Enable our leaders to develop a 360° knowledge of Data, facilitating their role in the company's digital transformation.

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Take time to learn more about Data

Data Ready! Learning Show Program Highlights

Set up a common language around Data:

• Definition of key concepts (creation, collection, transformation, exploitation). 
• Impacts for the company: issues, opportunities and challenges.

Identifying the challenges and areas of application at Carrefour: sharing of Carrefour’s Data experts

• The transformation implemented at Carrefour. 
• Concrete examples of applications: Data FOR Business and Data AS Business.

Reinforcing the leadership role in Data transformation:

• Inspirational sharing from an external leader. 
• Building strategic tools to put Data transformation into practice.

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DAY 1 & 2 Course materials

You can now download the course materials of the two days


 The challenges of Data Transformation by Julien Levy

Download here


Data Transformation: Your role and keys to success as business leaders by Sébastien Rozanes

Download here


Retail Data 101 by Vincent Fraitot

Download here


The launch of Carrefour’s data supermarket by Lucas Girard

Download here


Leadership for data transformation by Julien Levy

Download here
The data revolution: Turning everything into data, to transform everything through data.

Data transformation is now the next step in the digital transformation of companies. Data leave the technical domain of specialists to become an issue of economic performance, innovation and strategy for large companies. The main challenge of a data transformation policy is to develop business-driven innovation, that mixes business and technical teams in an agile mode. Carrefour has a strong « exploitation » culture, that focuses on small incremental improvements, the whole issue today being to combine it with an « exploration » culture that leverage data to try, test and reiterate.
Julien Levy
Associate professor
Scientific Director of the HEC Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center
Head of the Chair ICADE for Better Urban Living

They were there Speakers

Elodie Perthuisot

Chief E Commerce, Digital...

Ancelin Lacroix

Carrefour Links
Director of operations

Bruno Aidan

Air Liquide
Group Chief Data Officer &...

Lucas Girard

Group Data Strategy Director
Data Scientists are spending 80% of their time on Data collection, cleaning and transformation
Vincent Fraitot
Associate Professor 
Director of the X-HEC Master 'Data Science for Business'